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Construction of a Single Storey Dwelling and Associated Garage
Property Details
Lot 90, 4 Florida Avenue Beaumaris Vic 3193 Australia
Gregory John Lord & Alison Rita Lord
Inspection Type Booking Date Inspection Date Decision Comment
Inspection of Bored Piers 11/03/2015 10.00-11.00 11/03/2015 Approved 1. Removal of any loose soil from the base of all ... [View All]
Inspection of Pre-Slab 10/04/2015 3.00-4.00 10/04/2015 Approved
Inspection of Slab/Steel 16/04/2015 16/04/2015 Approved
Inspection of Framework 22/07/2015 9.00-10.00 22/07/2015 Not Approved Matters to be addressed: Fix hoop iron bracing to ... [View All]
Inspection of Re Framework 21/08/2015 9-10 21/08/2015 Approved
Inspection of Stump Holes (Screening fence on boundary) 10/11/2015 after 2pm 10/11/2015 Approved Please note:Our records indicate a Pad Footings in... [View All]
Inspection of Occupancy Permit 22/04/2016 PM 03/05/2016 Approved Provide the following documentation: A prescribed ... [View All]
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Required Certificates
Name Description Date Received
Electrical compliance - Domestic A prescribed and/or non-prescribed electrical compliance certificate for all of the electrical works must be submitted prior to a final inspection;
Plumbing - mechanical services A plumbing compliance for the mechanical services (including ducted heating and evaporative coolers) must be submitted prior to a final inspection;
Plumbing - Domesitc A plumbing compliance certificate for all of the above and below ground plumbing works must be submitted prior to a final inspection;
z Do Not Use A glazing certificate for the supply and installation of shower screens, windows and doors certifying compliance with AS 1288 and AS 2047 must be submitted prior to a final inspection;
z Do Not Use A statement or certificate shall be submitted from the contractor responsible for the construction of the dwelling confirming that the dwelling has been constructed in accordance with the energy rating report and approved energy rating plans.
waterproofing - AS 3740 A waterproofing certificate from a registered contractor stating compliance with AS 3740 for all wet areas including bathrooms, ensuites and laundries ect.
Document Received
Document Name Type Size
Stump Holes (Screening fence on boundary).pdf Inspection Report 89.4KB
Screening Specifications- BP Issue_stamped.pdf Architectural Specification 2.1MB
Amended Architectural Site Plan- BP Issue_stamped.pdf Architectural Drawings 1.6MB
Building Permit.pdf Building Permit 108.8KB
Inspection of Re Framework.pdf Inspection Report 89.4KB
Inspection of Framework.pdf Inspection Report 91.8KB
2015_427 Inspection Report.pdf Inspection Report 65.7KB
2015_426 Inspection Report.pdf Inspection Report 65.7KB
2015_460 Inspection Report.pdf Inspection Report 66.8KB
4 Florida Avenue, Beaumaris - Invoice no.12135.pdf Invoice 3.8KB
Building Permit.pdf Building Permit 80.0KB
Soil Report_stamped.pdf Soil Report 1.5MB
Architectural Drawings_stamped.pdf Architectural Drawings 14.9MB
Energy Rating Report- BP Issue_stamped.pdf Energy Rating Documents 852.0KB
Architectural Drawings_stamped.pdf Civil Engineering Documentation 14.9MB
Civil Drainage Drawings- BP Issue_stamped.pdf Civil Engineering Documentation 573.8KB
Feature Levels Survey Plan- BP Issue_stamped.pdf Certificate of Title, Plan of Sub, Section 173 405.2KB
Re Estblishment Survey Plan_stamped.pdf Certificate of Title, Plan of Sub, Section 173 223.6KB
Structural Engineers 1507 Certification & Computations_stamped.pdf Structural Engineering Documentation 4.6MB
Strucutral Drawings_stamped.pdf Structural Engineering Documentation 1.9MB
* These documents must not be used for any purpose which may breach any copyright. These documents are made available for the sole purpose of enabling further review as part of the Building permit application process under the Building Act 1993.
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